What R U Prepared To Do??

We can’t be distracted by what celebrities or entities that we may admire do. We are here living real life. Even these sports figures that our men get so emotional about are not paying a bill or fixing a plate. Not buying shoes or schoolbooks or supplies. WE are the ones who need to learn survival skills (Our veterans can teach us a lot of that.) How to plant gardens and have them thrive–Our seniors can teach us that…Law, living off the grid, basic stuff like building fires ( and putting them out) and making temporary shelters, how to sanitize and save water, basic and extreme triage in emergency situations. How to do search and rescue in our neighborhoods and homes, how to bury a generator to muffle the sound, how to secure our homes from intruders— I know y’all get the picture. We have a grip of work to do and I as a sistah need my brothers who know and believe me to 13307211_1696242427303946_5938438446396074305_nstep up and help me. Enough talking when our children are being shot down in the streets like dogs. When a reality star and his stripper wife may be running things from their puppet level in government. When churches raise billions and do nothing to build revenue and resources in the community (like a Black Wall Street). I’m gonna step down off my high horse of love for my people… But let’s get it started!!! ( No Hammer.)


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