Not With The Movement

17362877_1810106439316171_3875871688911474015_nIf you got all dressed up on Sunday morning and went to somebody’s church, put your hard earned money in the offering plate, listened to some preacher hold forth in judgement of your fellow humans without prior knowledge of their circumstances, and aren’t doing anything to help those less fortunate than you, you need help. The world is shifting and people are suffering out here on a level not seen before in our cities. If your heart doesn’t break at all the tent cities popping up, at all the loss and despair abounding in our communities, something is missing in and for you. I have no need to follow a construct of religion handed down to me and mine from an oppressive system to be valid as a human being. We all have access to information and research to discover and discern what is real and what is a generational lie. Many of the elders in my community have accepted the construct of religion as if it were fact. But in this age of information there is no excuse to blindly follow behind what you have been taught, just because it’s all you know. Some things just don’t make sense!! I’m not going to live my life as a lie to appease anyone else. I’m not going to take up a phony way of living just to get along. I’ve been judged and found wanting by many people who even attribute my current struggles to my lack of enthusiasm for the “religious movement”. Consider the fact that I have been in declining health for the last 4 years and my options for monetary gain have diminished as well. How about the fact that, in spite of being on literally hundreds of housing waiting lists, being comfortably housed is still one of my biggest challenges?? Before judging someone who has always given to the community at large and raised their offspring to do the same, check your religion at the door. It’s just another way for the powers that be to divide us. Like race, politics, and gender. I’m a spiritual being having a human experience and right now, being a human sucks. But my spirit will not be broken. I will continue to extend myself to help uplift others, and work to do no harm. If I have to be religious to interact with you, I’ll pass. This ends my current rant, but more may be forthcoming. I am Donella and I approve this message.