Simple Human Kindness

There are many examples to be found in today’s society of the lack of human kindness. Everyday I encounter moments that should have gone another way, but de-escalated into something inferior to what we are capable of. Little things like letting the person with a couple of items go ahead of you in the line at the store. Hurrying up to get in your car and moving on so the next person can have that parking space. Having your change ready when you get to the drive-thru window so the person or people behind you don’t have to wait so long. Actually stopping to ask that homeless couple if they’re okay and if there’s anything that they need… Recently we have been faced with people who are bothered by our very existence. By that I mean that we sit in our car some days when we’re out of money and options, and plug up our devices and watch series on them, much like you would do sitting at home in your living room. But we don’t have a living-room, the front seat of our car is our living room and bedroom and kitchen and dining room and man cave thank goodness it hasn’t had to be a restroom LOL. What I’m asking here is that, instead of coming from a place of being judgmental when you run into someone who’s not on your level who is obviously suffering or facing lack, if all you can extend is a smile, it still cost you nothing. My heart is broken every day by the cynicism and downright malicious behavior I see in the citizens in my communities, and I can say communities plural because we gravitate from place to place — not being welcomed in one for too long. Even though we don’t leave trash or make noise and we’ve shrunken down to as small as we can get, it’s still not enough. We are a reminder to everyone else that all they have to face is one or two crises to be in the same position. I’m going to get off my low horse right now and get back to watching a series on the smartphone in my living room/dining room/kitchen/ bedroom. And don’t get it twisted I’m grateful for even this and to not be laying in a tent on some concrete. Blessings to all of us, including those without so much as a tent, blanket or options…524560_10152286280792863_1366602258_n